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Welcome to Clear Vision Careers. Did you know that most people spend more time planning their holiday than their next career move? Perhaps a holiday seems more manageable. Maybe "career" is too big an idea and career planning seems to require a crystal ball.

Few people would say they have a clear vision of the future but with specialist advice and guidance it is possible for most people to establish a clear idea of the kind of person they are; their values, personality, interests, and skills. This helps to determine the kind of work they would enjoy doing. Then it can be a simple matter of working with a career coach to identify relevant qualifications and opportunities and ensure you have the skills to seek work and make a successful application.

I hope this has already begun to demystify the idea of career management for you. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further ways of working with you to focus your career planning and hone your employability skills. Please enjoy the website and contact me by telephone or email to arrange your FREE, first half-hour consultation.

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